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Casa Mariuccia Via Lesa, 2 - 28040 Massino Visconti (NO) - ITALIA

Tel. +39 0322-219531

Fax +39 0322 82528

Cell. + 39 3482803140

e-mail: info@casamariuccia.com



We are located on the Alto Vergante, about 3 Km from Lesa, 8 km from Arona and 8 km from Stresa

We are about 30 km away from the Malpensa airport: take the A 26 motorway towards Gravellona Toce, leave the motorway at Meina, then take the strada provinciale 34 towards Brovello-Carpugnino and drive along for about 6 km. When you reach Massino Visconti keep right in the Piazza Vittorio Veneto, turn right and downhill into Via Cadorna, which leads you into Via Lesa: you have reached us!

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