History - Casa Mariuccia

Casa Mariuccia is an ancient house built on 1400 from the Visconti family as as lordly residence of the adjacent Castel. It is in the centre of the old village Massino Visconti, the house recently restored from the owners, is surrounded by a big garden where there is an age-old Magnolia and two big Camellies. The Wistaria shades the deck-chairs of the pool, that are at disposal of the guests.

History and sourroundings...

Massino Visconti, about 460 meters above sea level. A fascinating village under several aspects, the feud and entertainment resort of the Visconti family, it lies between Mount San Salvatore, with the Benedictine Hermitage at its top, and the Lago Maggiore, like a blossoming balcony on the lake.Thanks to its sunny position the climate is especially favourable and camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons can flourish . Lakes, islands, mountains, picturesque villages and other masterpieces, man-made or natural, are there for you to discover.Two golf courses, Des Iles Borromees and Alpino, are there for you to visit or practice on; then there is Stresa with its promenade and the music festivals; Villa Pallavicino and its zoological garden; Pallanza with the botanical garden of Villa Taranto; Arona, with its many shopping opportunities; the Ossola valley under Mount Rosa and the Toce waterfall; and finally Orta and its picturesque island of St. Giulio.